• Kaylee Estes

Why be an Enneagram Coach?

I'm currently in process of becoming a certified Enneagram Coach and have had some mixed responses when I tell people about it. Obviously, since I am going through the process of getting certified, I am super excited about it and thankfully have had a number of people get as excited about it too. However, occasionally I get an eye roll or a snarky "why" from people when I tell them about it. I have also had people who don't know anything about the Ennegram ask me what it is.

My initial reaction to those who ask "why" is to ask "why not" because I want to know what they are thinking before I respond. Usually, people tell me that it is just a fad, it's the next Myers-Briggs fascination, that it doesn't work and is a bunch of hocus pocus, or aren't sure how I can coach on something like that when it is "just a personality test." To be honest, I can completely understand where they are coming from. Many people take a personality test and either think that it was fun and interesting and move on or think that the results justify some of their less than positive behavior and use it as a weapon as they move on. They don't take the time to look below the surface and learn more.

A big part of why I want to be an Enneagram coach is because of those responses above; I want to help people see the value in using assessments, including the Enneagram, as a tool for self-discovery and self-development, rather than a passing fun fad. The Enneagram can also be a helpful tool for understanding and interacting/communicating with your significant other and/or your co-workers.

Understanding your Enneagram Type, helps you understand why you say, do, or react in certain ways. It can help you understand why your colleague or spouse does or doesn't do the same. Knowing this can be helpful to see that more often than not, your reaction or someone elses isn't malicious. Knowing these things does not give you or others an excuse to continue behaving in a certain way, instead it should give you the understanding to have grace for yourself, grace for others, and the tools you need to improve yourself and interact with others.

What I see posted on Instagram is a lot of the "tip of the iceberg" sort of things. The stereotypes of each of the Enneagram Types. Those things are definitely fun to read and share; I even share them sometimes! But I don't want people to think it is just that simple or surfacelevel when the Enneagram is actually quite extensive, in depth, and complex. That is why I want to become a coach: to educate people on the richness of the Enneagram and to help people understand themselves and those around them better. I want people to have a better respect for the Enneagram and the amazing tool that it is and I want people to see themselves in a more positive light.

If you are interested in trying out coaching, let me know and I will add you to my waitlist for when my certification is complete.

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